If you are interested in submitting your book for publication, please read what we require and submit the following…


(1) Cover Letter

In the “Cover Letter” section at the bottom of the submission form, please attach a brief bio of yourself and a synopsis of your work, 2-3 paragraphs each, in document form; do not copy and paste the cover letter into any of the text forms below, it must be an attached document (doc, docx, txt, or otf will be fine).

The synopsis should include overall story-arc and major plot points; it should read like what you might see written on the back of the book. This Cover Letter is your pitch, your points on what makes you and your book unique and why the book should be published, and should reflect as such. Typos in a Cover Letter are rarely a good sign.

(2) First Fifty

In the “First Fifty Pages” section at the bottom of the submission form, please attach a document file of the first 50 pages of your books (again, doc, docx, txt, or otf will be fine). Include a “Title” at the top and chapter headings as normal. The first few pages of a book should be enough to hook the reader, so your First Fifty should be enough to hook us as well.

Submission Form for Traditional Publication

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

E-Mail Address

Title of your work

Genre(s) that best describes your work.

Estimated length of your completed work

Cover Letter:

First Fifty Pages:

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