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Paradigm Hall Press is HBE Publishing’s Adult Fiction imprint. Geared toward a mature audience, the content of the books varies drastically. You can find anything from casual mystery to inspirational accounts that will touch your heart.


Publications include:

The Swan Garden
by Annie Biggs


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The Scattering of Stones (paperback) Pre-order
The Cumberland Wilderness holds its secrets dear. For Maggie Smith, the search for ancestors can be both frustrating and fulfilling. Beyond records of birth and death, Maggie chronicles souls. With each discovery, she is drawn, soul-deep, into another time. Mary Hutton, a seventeen year-old bride-to-be, looks forward to escaping an over-bearing father and making a home with the man she loves. But prejudice and intrigue intervene. Mary is forced to battle tragedy, treachery, and murder to forge her place on the 18th century frontier.
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Garden of Nails (Trade Paperback) Pre-Order
Ireland holds the keys ... to love and to life. A late-night phone call, pulls her back to Dublin. A fall in the park; lost memories … a mother’s long buried fears. Catherine is going home. Things become complicated, as she re-discovers family dynamics overlooked as a teen. The middle of three sisters, she navigates between control and jealousy; an abusive husband, and the chance meeting of a past love. Dublin also holds secrets, long hidden, that can heal or destroy In her much anticipated sequel to The Swan Garden, Anne Biggs brings Alice’s girls to the forefront. Rose, Catherine, and Francie, each with families of their own. Each with their own secrets.
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Swan Garden (paperback)
The Swan Garden tells the story of a young woman who survives a brutal assault and rape, gives birth in a mother baby home, and the abuse she receives in the Magdalene Laundry. After finding a way to get away, she attempts to create a life for herself, but never forgets who was taken from her and why. As the years pass, she learns truths once denied to her.
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