bio-pic_anne-kara-lucasKara Lucas was born and raised in the Central Valley of California, the eldest daughter of farmers. Her family has been farming the same piece of land for over 150 years. You could say that a love for the land and agriculture runs deep in her blood, and the landscapes she grew up with always end up in her books. Social work and a passion for kids in foster care have also always been in her blood. She has a Masters in Social Work and has been a social worker for over twenty years, from homeless shelters to counseling to CPS. She is in awe of many of the families she has worked with, especially the kids. The profound stories of their big hearts and strength are unforgettable, which is partly how FINDING PONY came to be written.

Aside from writing, she loves reading, especially YA, and is obsessed with all things magical, including (in no particular order): fairy gardens, ghost stories, birds in nests, great hiking, the beach, Lake Tahoe, the stars, Bigfoot, great kissing scenes (movies and books), epic hero’s journeys, and growing things. As a kid, it was a treat was to go to the library with her mom. As an adult, she stumbled upon the amazing renaissance that was happening in the world of young adult books, and was instantly hooked, loving the intensity and the immediacy of growing through the teenager years: the first kiss, first love, and first heartbreak.

She and her husband Matt have five kids, ranging in age from eighteen to eight, meaning on any given day, she is running someone to golf, baseball, track, piano, theater, voice lessons, CCD, water polo, or badminton. But she loves the energy that her kids and their friends bring to the house (and admits that it gives her awesome writing material as well…cue devilish laugh….)
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