HBE offers a full range of pre-production and post-publication services for the individual, but we are also traditional publishing house.

Our selection process is strict. Although we are very selective in the works we choose to publish in the traditional manner, we are always looking for submissions in all genres, and the depth of our editorial pool allows us to keep our options open. We do not limit our options by limiting what we look at.  Most small presses that fail do so primarily by limiting the type and selection of works they publish. It is difficult to continually find quality work, much less quality work written by female authors born on February 29 who only write dystopian fiction in the YA genre. While this is obviously an overstatement, many small presses limit themselves in this manner because they don’t have a pool of editors to accommodate a full spectrum of genres.

With traditional publishing, all of the upfront costs are paid by the publisher and the author receives royalties on the sales of the book. The author has no financial liability, but is responsible to aid in promotion of the work. With large publishers, typical royalties amount to 3-10% of the net sale of the book (“net” being after all costs and services are deducted, including editorial, printing, publicity, and wholesaler discounts). We have worked out a method by which our authors start out receiving a minimum 45% royalty of the net sale with room for growth, dependent on participation, editorial needs, and distribution methods. Each author has different needs, as does each work.

We only accept digital submissions due to space and time restrictions. For a list of our other requirements to submit your work, visit our Traditional Submissions page.

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