Elsie Jones and The Book Pirates
Adventuress Extraordinaire Meet Elsie Jones, a young girl who loves to read. On one of her trips to the library, she discovers something unexpected. A book whose words and images twist on the page, a portal to another world. Elsie finds herself sailing through the pages aboard the Adventure Galley with her crew of pirates. All seems well until she learns of a dangerous threat… The Dark Hats. Can a rag-tag group of pirates and a reader keep the Dark hats from their dastardly goal?
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Calico, Beverly Moore Horsley, Creative Alternatives Press
Vallie Moore lives in a ghost town. Calico, once a thriving mining community, has dwindled to only five inhabitants, and eleven year-old Vallie would have it no other way. Where else could you have adventures with skunks, mines and mail dogs? Learning the history of her hometown, Vallie soon realizes the past is alive and well in Calico.
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Pen the Tale, Oogie (Hardback)
The greatest Storyteller in the forest is about to go into hibernation. What will all the animals do without their nightly stories? Karen Moore has given us a wonderful tale of what it takes to create something original. With Doug Hansen's art to bring the characters to life, Oogie and Mr. Fox challenge the bounds of creativity and, in the process, perfectly illustrate the writer's most common dilemma. Being original. With touches of Goldilocks, Winnie-the-Pooh and Paddington, Oogie's journey leads him to the place where stories are born.
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Morning Star Horse by Margarita Engle, HBE Publishing
Morning Star Horse by Margarita Engle (English Hardback)
Award winning author Margarita Engle brings a tale of history mixed with a touch of fantasy. “When Mamacita chose to call me Estrellita, / it was her way of imagining a little bit / of starlight, deep down in that cavern / where only rare streaks of day or night / could reach—now, Lucero and I will be / Morning Star and Little Star, / a lit-from-within racing team!”
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Morning Star Horse by Margarita Engle, HBE Publishing, Spanish
El caballo Lucero by Margarita Engle (Spanish Hardback)
Una chica joven lisiado con ricketts y su madre enfrentan las secuelas de la Guerra Hispano-Americana, los desafíos de un nuevo siglo y profesores innovadores. Sueños Realidad y sueños aplastados explorando las libertades sólo pueAden ofrecer un caballo mágico.
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Morning Star Horse by Margarita Engle, HBE Publishing, Bilingual
Morning Star Horse / El caballo Lucero by Margarita Engle (Bilingual Hardback)

A young girl stricken with rickets and her mother face the aftermath of the Spanish-American War, the challenges of a new century and innovative teachers. Dreams realized and dreams crushed exploring the freedoms only a magical horse can offer. Award winning author Margarita Engle brings a tale of history mixed with a touch of fantasy.

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Walking with Alzheimer's, Shelly Kruse, MD, Heliograph Publishing
Walking with Alzheimers: A Thirty Year Journey by Shelly Kruse
“Only a physician could write this book. Dr. Kruse understands first-hand the heartbreaking disease of Alzheimer's. This book is a combination of a memoir as Dr. Kruse relates her mother's difficult journey into the disease, and a guide book for patients and their families. She combines the roles of daughter and physician as she navigates the treacherous roads of financial and legal issues and explains the difficult choices families must decide such as placement, hospice, medications, diet, and diet claims. The most current diagnostic procedures are reviewed, as well as a survey of current clinical trials for potential cures. She uses plain English to explain the medical jargon and provides explanations about how medications work" ISBN: 978-1-943050-36-9
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Crazy for Chickens, LeeAnn Guyett, Creative Alternatives Press
Crazy for Chickens by LeeAnna Guyett
Crazy for Chickens is a picture book intended for preschool and elementary school-aged children. It is a humorous story of a family, where the Mom becomes obsessed with owning chickens, which continue to multiply in various ways, much to the chagrin of Dad. Dad tries to stop the multiplication of chickens, but before he can stop it, he becomes a victim to the pleas of his family, and also to the allure of the chickens. ISBN: 978-1-943050-38-3   Author: LeeAnna Guyett Illustrator: Diego Cadena
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Breaking Bread with William Saroyan, Pat Hunter and Janice Stevens, Heliograph Publishing
Breaking Bread with William Saroyan by Janice Stevens and Pat Hunter
In Breaking Bread with William Saroyan, Janice Stevens captures the essence of William Saroyan's love for his Armenian culture through excerpts of his written word and carefully selected authentic Armenian recipes. From George Mardikian's recipe book, Dinner at Omar Khayyam's, to the First Armenian Presbyterian Church cookbook, A Hundred Years and Still Cooking, Breaking Bread with William Saroyan offers not only a usable Armenian recipe book, but is a collector book of Armenian history, fine art and Saroyan literary quotes. The book is filled with more than forty Pat Hunter watercolors of fruits and vegetables. as well as landscapes of Armenia and Fresno, California, Saroyan's birthplace. Friends and acquaintances recall breaking bread with Saroyan, and a portrait of Saroyan holding a pomegranate, seems to suggest his approval. This book is a delightful and intimate portrayal of Armenian foods and culture, celebrating the literary great, William Saroyan. Sure to become a classic. ISBN: 978-1-943050-40-6 Author: Janice Stevens Illustrator: Pat Hunter
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Vengeance Unbound, Gary Wayne Walker, Shoofly Books
Vengeance Unbound by Gary Wayne Walker
Bear Republic clients were dying . . . Every forty-five days. The only common denominator was the agent who sold them their life insurance policies. Arnold Taylor. Though not a suspect, Arnie felt responsible. Would the LAPD solve the case, or would the solution be in the gise of an old friend, with a past as dark as sin? In his second novel, Walker takes us back to what should be, the unexciting life of a 1970’s life insurance agent. With a cheating wife, friends of dubious character, and his clients being murdered every forty-five days, Arnie’s life is anything but. The twists and turns keep him in a constant state of uncertainty, culminating with the murder of three innocent victims who know too much.   ISBN: 978-1-943050-44-4
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On the Couch: A Dog's Tale, David Johnson, Shoofly Books
On the Couch: A Dog’s Tale by David Johnson
Nagi’s story describes his journey from pound imprisonment to life with an extremely dysfunctional, yet animal-loving, couple. Forced to become a mental health co-therapist, Nagi seeks solace in his relationships with two neighbor dogs, Tina Weiner and Sugar Bear, and an overly chatty beetle of questionable lineage, Rex. He becomes Nagi’s mentor, quick to offer up unsolicited advice, along with far-fetched life experiences, so far-fetched, in fact, that the reader will question whether Rex is a compulsive liar or a sage from ancient times. Somehow, Nagi learns to make the best of his new life, living with two delusional parents whose love turns sour and a cast of characters who will leave you wondering who is crazier than who and which one needs to spend the most time “on the couch.” The reader soon discovers that the “couch” is where truths and innermost thoughts are revealed. ISBN: 978-1-943050-47-5
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Cowboy Girls by Rissa, Godfrey Coppinger, HBE Publishing
Cowboy Girls by Godfrey Coppinger
“There’s nothing to do” is a phrase never spoken by Rissa and her sister, Steph. Curiosity and imagination are the name of the game for these two girls as they romp through the day and into the night, chasing cows, dragons, and aliens.   ISBN: 978-1-943050-46-8 Release date: February 15, 2017
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