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On the Couch: A Dog’s Tale by David Johnson


Nagi’s story describes his journey from pound imprisonment to life with an extremely dysfunctional, yet animal-loving, couple. Forced to become a mental health co-therapist, Nagi seeks solace in his relationships with two neighbor dogs, Tina Weiner and Sugar Bear, and an overly chatty beetle of questionable lineage, Rex. He becomes Nagi’s mentor, quick to offer up unsolicited advice, along with far-fetched life experiences, so far-fetched, in fact, that the reader will question whether Rex is a compulsive liar or a sage from ancient times.

Somehow, Nagi learns to make the best of his new life, living with two delusional parents whose love turns sour and a cast of characters who will leave you wondering who is crazier than who and which one needs to spend the most time “on the couch.” The reader soon discovers that the “couch” is where truths and innermost thoughts are revealed.

ISBN: 978-1-943050-47-5

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