Lands of Mother: 18 by Jon Latham, HBE Publishing
Lands of Mother: 18 by Jon Latham

The Earth is no longer. The Apocalypse is not what was expected and all life is transferred to a new existence, a new world. Mother. A living, feeling land, very much involved in the day to day lives of her citizens. The King hung his head as he watched his Queen’s head tumble and roll. He felt suddenly filthy. His blade was covered with blood. He tried to think of the means to clean it in an attempt to get his stomach not to heave. “May Mother have mercy on us.” Pamela was dead. The new Queen has landed. In his debut novel, Latham creates a world filled with all the expected human characteristics, but adds the element of an active, caring and passionate ecology.   ISBN: 978-1-943050-43-7 Release date: February 1, 2017

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