Our graphic design and marketing team can facilitate an array of promotional opportunities, including general distribution, several varied social media outlets, and even developing and hosting a professional business website for an author and his published works.

With the increasing popularity of web-based advertising and traffic, a positive online presence is as invaluable to promotion as any other means. Working with the author to portray the optimal reflection of their work, our experienced staff can help generate that online image, and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Our services include:


Author Website

Price: Contact Us

A strong presence on the World Wide Web is critical to the successful marketing of both yourself and your book in this day and age. Our tech-savvy team has the know-how and skills to build that impressive site for you.

The website we build for you will include the industry standard five main pages:

  • Homepage – Will feature the cover of your book, any promotional copy you have, and a link to purchase a copy of your latest book.
  • About – Information about you, the author.
  • Blog – A blog to for you to stay current and accessible to your readers. (Instructional help with the blogging format/concept will be available for a limited time)
  • Works – A list of all of your published works, as well as links to purchase them (if available)
  • Media – Any promotional videos or published articles and reviews of you or the book.

Domain Name – When our tech team contacts you, give them your top three choices for a personalized web domain name and they’ll let you know what is available.

Because we custom build your site from the ground up, we can adjust the format and even include other pages, for an additional fee, just let our tech team know when they initially contact you.

We can usually complete the Website building process within two weeks of receiving the needed information, depending on the size of our current work queue. To learn more about our Author Website service, please use the Service Request Page or call 559-358-4843.


Promotional Materials

Price: $199, $299, $499

More than just an advertising flyer, these promotional materials are professionally designed to help promote awareness of you and your book.

Our team of certified design and marketing specialists will create a package of:

  • Bookmarks (2” x 8”)
  • Business Cards (2” x 3.5”)
  • Postcards (4” x 6”)

They make wonderful conversation starters at any event, you can give away a free bookmark with each purchase of your book, and use them to promote your book at signings, fairs and conventions.

These are available bundled in quantities of 100, 200, or 500 of each.

We can usually complete the Promotional Materials within three to four weeks of submitting your order, depending on the size of our current work queue. To learn more or to order our Promotional Materials service, please use the Service Request Page or call 559-358-4843.


Standard Book Video

Price: $2,499

One of today’s most popular advertising tools, the Book Video is a creative and effective addition to any marketing arsenal. Each 30 to 45 second video is a moving picture, using animated still images and music to draw the potential reader into your book in a way that normal advertising can’t. The video will tell its story through 2-dimenional graphics, images, and text.

Some of the benefits of a promotional video are:

  • Easily sharable across all social media outlets
  • Reaches a vast audience of video viewers and potential readers
  • Spreads awareness of your book in a fun and inventive way
  • Formatted for high-definition web streaming and downloads

Once your video is published and you receive a copy of it, you own the rights to it. You will receive a digital hard copy of it along with the rest of your marketing materials.

Alterations and revisions to the video can be made after its completion. One round of revisions is included in the package at no additional fee. Additional rounds of revisions for the Standard Book Video cost $300. Acceptable alterations include:

  • Adding or removing words
  • Changes in font size
  • Changes to audio levels (music and/or voice)
  • Changes to Images

We can usually complete the Standard Book Video process within four to six weeks of submission, depending on the size of our current work queue. To learn more or to order our Standard Book Video service, please use the Service Request Page or call 559-358-4843.


Author Video

Price: $5,249

Your personalized video will feature you, the author, in an interview that will provide some background and insight on both you and your book. Through your own words, this will provide a personal and easily-accessible flare to your online marketing. Once it’s posted online, your potential reach includes tens of millions of prospective buyers.

The video production package includes:

  • Production of a 60-75 second video filmed on-site at the location of your choice (within the greater Fresno area)
  • Optimizing your video for HD viewing
  • Formatting your video for mobile download

We can usually complete the video production process within two weeks of completed filming, depending on the size of our current work queue. To learn more or to talk with someone about our Author Video Production service, please use the Service Request Page or call 559-358-4843.


Press Release

Price: $349

Besides a scandal, nothing gets the media’s attention faster than a professionally written press release from a credible source. Our retainer of experienced journalists and communication aficionados can make that happen.

Gaining the attention of the media is essential to the success of any book marketing campaign, and our extensive database of local, national, and online blog, news, magazine and review outlets can guarantee it reaches the eyes of the right people.

We can usually complete the Press Release process within two weeks of your order, depending on the size of our current work queue. To learn more or to order our Press Release services, please use the Service Request Page or call 559-358-4843.


Social Media Marketing Publicist

Price: $50 per hour (20 hour minimum)

Social media can be a tough sea to navigate, especially for someone still struggling to find their sea legs. Our seasoned social media publicists can tread those waters for you.

While someone may tell you that social media is the place to start, building a strong online following can be daunting when you’re not sure how or where to start. Work with an award-winning publicist and social media specialist to launch your online marketing campaign on the right foot by focusing on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Various other social media outlets

The one-on-one meetings will be in person, and your input and vision are just integral to the process as the publicist’s experience and guidance.

We will have one of our Social Media Marketing Publicists contact you within one week of receiving your request. To learn more about our Social Media Marketing Publicist service, please use the Service Request Page or call 559-358-4843.

Frequently Asked Questions

Distribution Channels – Our distribution net extends internationally through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram, and locally through indie-bookstores here in California’s Central Valley.

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