We work with a very large pool of editors and graphic artists who have years of experience, many of whom are published authors and illustrators themselves. Since the needs of each work are exclusive, we are very selective in our placement with our editors and artists. Each have their own unique talents and abilities for which they were chosen and we strive to make the best placement of the piece in question. They have a broad spectrum of expertise, from all forms of non-fiction – including memoirs and screenplays – to all types of fiction: children’s books, young adult, science fiction and fantasy, love-inspired, romance, erotica, and everything that falls in between. Simple proof reading and professional fact checking are also available.

While in the past there has been a bit of a stigma associated with self-publishing, more and more authors are turning to subsidized publishing because of the control it gives them on the final product. Quite a few mainstream authors have started their own publishing concerns for just this reason.

  • Editorial – We offer a full range of professional and competitively-priced editorial and pre-publication services, from proof reading and copy editing to in-depth manuscript editing and annotating.
  • Layout & Design – Once the manuscript is edited and ready for print, our seasoned Layout & Design team can help ensure that your manuscript takes shape with professional type-setting, lay-out and cover design.
  • Marketing – We offer an array of promotional options through distribution, social media, and developing and hosting a professional business website for an author and his various works.
  • Other Services – If your handwritten or single-copy manuscript needs typed, or you’re looking for an audio book of your work, we can provide what you’re looking for.

To request any of our services, please click here and we would love to help!

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