2017 New Releases Available for Pre-order!

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HBE Publishing is proud to announce the following new releases are available for pre-order. You will receive your orders ass soon as the books are released. See titles for release dates.


Morning Star Horse
by Margarita Engle

Morning Star Horse by Margarita Engle, HBE Publishing

Award winning author Margarita Engle brings a tale of history mixed with a touch of fantasy.

“When Mamacita chose to call me Estrellita, / it was her way of imagining a little bit / of starlight, deep down in that cavern / where only rare streaks of day or night / could reach—now, Lucero and I will be / Morning Star and Little Star, / a lit-from-within racing team!”

A young girl stricken with rickets and her mother face the aftermath of the Spanish-American War, the challenges of a new century and innovative teachers.

Dreams realized and dreams crushed exploring the freedoms only a magical horse can offer.

Price: $16.99

ISBN: 978-1-943050-24-6

Release date: January 25, 2017


El caballo Lucero (Spanish)
by Margarita Engle

Morning Star Horse by Margarita Engle, HBE Publishing, Spanish

“Cuando Mamacita decidió nombrarme Estrellita / fue
su modo de imaginar un poco / la luz de las estrellas, en
el fondo de esa cueva / a la que solo llegaban / escasas
luces del día o de la noche. / Ahora Lucero y yo seremos
/ el caballo del alba y la pequeña estrella: / ¡un equipo de
carreras iluminado por dentro!”
Una chica joven lisiado con ricketts y su madre enfrentan
las secuelas de la Guerra Hispano-Americana, los desafíos
de un nuevo siglo y profesores innovadores.
Sueños Realidad y sueños aplastados explorando las
libertades sólo pueAden ofrecer un caballo mágico.

Autor galardonado Margarita Engle trae un cuento de
historia mezclada con un toque de fantasía.

Price: $16.99

ISBN: 978-1-943050-28-4

Release date: January 25, 2017


Morning Star Horse / El caballo Lucero (Bilingual)
by Margarita Engle

Morning Star Horse by Margarita Engle, HBE Publishing, Bilingual

Price: $18.99

ISBN: 978-1-943050-26-0

Release date: January 25, 2017


Lands of Mother: 18
by Jon Latham

Lands of Mother: 18 by Jon Latham, HBE Publishing

The Earth is no longer.

The Apocalypse is not what was expected and all life is transferred to a new existence, a new world.
Mother. A living, feeling land, very much involved in the day to day lives of her citizens.
The King hung his head as he watched his Queen’s head tumble and roll. He felt suddenly filthy. His blade was covered with blood. He tried to think of the means to clean it in an attempt to get his stomach not to heave.
“May Mother have mercy on us.”
Pamela was dead. The new Queen has landed.
In his debut novel, Latham creates a world filled with all the expected human characteristics, but adds the element of an active, caring and passionate ecology.

Price: $18.99

ISBN: 978-1-943050-43-7

Release date: February 1, 2017


Relics: The Long Dark Cloak
by Vicki Thomas

Relics: The Long Dark Cloak, by Vicki Thomas, HBE Publishing

Thirteen-year-old Ivan Kimble travels to an ancient forest in Southern England, searching for Peter, his older brother. Ivan’s quest is interrupted when he half-heartedly agrees to help save the life of Zephyrus, a huge Kingwood oak tree, who was severely wounded with the revered Silver Axe.  The lad is guided by a wise and honorable spirit, imbued in the Long Dark Cloak, to help find a healing sap to save Zephyrus’s life—or the forest will be lost forever. The journey is filled with a myriad of strange and mythical creatures that hinder his search to save Zephyrus. When war is declared, Ivan finds himself fighting to save his own life and the many friends he has made. He becomes a hero of the forest.  When at last he finds his brother, he must ask himself if Peter is the same person he remembered.

Price: $17.99

ISBN: 978-1-943050-53-6

Release date: February 1, 2017


Cowboy Girls
by Godfrey Coppinger

Cowboy Girls by Rissa, Godfrey Coppinger, HBE Publishing

“There’s nothing to do” is a phrase never spoken by Rissa and her sister, Steph. Curiosity and imagination are the name of the game for these two girls as they romp through the day and into the night, chasing cows, dragons, and aliens.

Price: $12.99

ISBN: 978-1-943050-46-8

Release date: February 15, 2017

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