As booksellers by trade, we had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand as the publishing world was turned upside down by the advent of the digital age with the transition from traditional publishing to the digital with e-books, print on demand, and computerized book design and layout.

Publishing has historically been relegated to big businesses, publishing conglomerates, and a few Master craftsmen. With the development of our current digital means, the publishing world has been opened up to the masses. Like Gutenberg, who made books accessible to the common reader, this digital advancement has brought about a change that allows a work to be published without the initial equipment expense and years of concentrated business experience of traditional publishing. In turn, it allows many more options for the publisher, author, editor and all other trades that publishing relies on, making it easier to produce a quality, finished product in a much shorter time. With self-publishing becoming a more common occurrence, authors are able to choose the most viable and beneficial options for themselves, and though the options out there are numerous, they’re often cold and impersonal, making it difficult to know where to start or who to trust with your book.

HBE Publishing was formed for just that. It is very easy in our world of texting and “smart” devices to forget about the benefits of personal contact. This is what makes us different. We are available to our authors. We offer a full spectrum of publishing services by certified, award-winning editors, authors and designers, while keeping the notion of customer service deeply rooted in all aspects of our business. We can even help you get that family history formatted and printed for family and friends.

To contact us about helping to make your publishing dream a perfectly bound reality, please e-mail us through the Contact Us page or give us call at 559-358-4843 and we would love to discuss your project.


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